The DigitalXRAID Approach to Cyber Security Measures

DigitalXRAID is an expert cyber security group with years of experience testing security measures and consulting with a range of companies small and large on how to protect against security breaches and data leaks.

Three of the main areas DigitalXRAID exceed in are Penetration Testing, Security Consultancy, and Social Engineering Prevention. Addressing issues both external and internal to the company, DigitalXRAID can tighten your security measures to new levels.

Penetration Testing


The best way to beat hackers is to employ and test their methods within a safe environment. Penetration testing detects and prevents potential security flaws, just as hackers search for flaws to exploit them.

Pen testing can be used to evaluate the security of web systems, networks, and applications. DigitalXRAID offers three main types of pen testing for businesses:

  • External penetration testing: Testing the external infrastructures you make use of, such as firewalls, external service providers, and VPNs.
  • Internal penetration testing: Sometimes security threats can come from within the company. Examples include employees, third parties, and inadvertent users.
  • Website/Web Application testing: Making sure your site/app is protected against malware and other threats. This is particularly important if you store sensitive employee and customer information on your site, CMS, or back office.

Tackling Social Engineering


DigitalXRAID’s experts know that addressing cyber security threats goes beyond purely technological; more often than not human mistakes can lead to security breaches for a variety of businesses.

Social engineering is the practice of getting individuals, often employees, to unintentionally give away sensitive information which is otherwise well protected by technical security measures.

DigitalXRAID provides documentation and training so your company can raise awareness of social engineering tactics and the importance of protecting sensitive data.

Security Consultancy


DigitalXRAID’s security consultancy service is led by their core values of integrity, protection, innovation, and simplification. They are the ideal security partner for ensuring a company’s growth and reputation.

By both anticipating and addressing cyber security threats, along with frequent testing of a company’s entire web presence, DigitalXRAID improves and maintains information security, which is crucial in an increasingly online business world.